A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell ★★½

I was expecting something more provocative from this, based on the title. It's not very violent nor exploitative, which surprised me.

It is very shoddily made however. The film looks like it was made with a budget of about 5 bucks. The special effects are horrible, the acting is questionable, there are multiple continuity errors and I'm pretty sure I saw a hand partially covering the screen at one point. But, I found the film sort of endearing because of these problems. I was rooting for it to succeed despite its faults.

Smartly, there is minimal dialogue in the film. That worked well for this kind of film but also, if the director's writing talents are anything like his filmmaking talents then the film probably would have been fifty times worse had there been more dialogue.

I probably should not have liked this but I kind of did.