Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah and Her Sisters ★★★★★

When I heard about the death of Carrie Fisher, this was the first film I thought about watching. Carrie's role is relatively minor but she is great, and the film confronts mortality in an entertaining and life affirming way that it seemed like the ideal thing to watch right now.

Hannah and Her Sisters details the lives and loves of three sisters over the course of a year. Mia Farrow is married to Michael Caine, who finds himself infatuated with her sister Barbara Hershey, who is married to insufferably pretentious artist Max von Sydow. Meanwhile, Dianne Wiest is a struggling actress that is always trying new things in search of fulfilment. Then you've got Woody Allen as a hypochondriac seeking the meaning of existence in one of the funniest roles of his career.

I just adore this film. It's so funny and poignant, and it's uncomfortable how much I relate to Woody's Mickey. His thought processes and his inner dialogues are too real, and are obviously based on his real life neuroses. There's something very warm and comforting about this film, such as the scene where Mickey recounts watching Duck Soup and realising that maybe it's best to just live your life and forget about the things you can't change. It's probably how we should all live.

This may be my favourite of all of Woody's many wonderful films. It's a joy.

RIP Carrie Fisher