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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    I love Scorsese but I love plot more? A thing can be beautifully shot and lovingly framed and have clever dialogue and good moments but.... plot and pacing is important.

  • Drive



    the filmbro streak CONTINUES

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  • Moon



    There's something really, really beautiful about this one that I can't quite identify. Maybe it's that it's short, and every second of it packs a punch. Maybe it's that none of it went the way I thought it would, it went better, and every turn was a surprise that was sometimes pleasant and sometimes heartbreaking. It could just be that in the middle of a lot of loud scifi and stories with nihilistic endings it's a tightly-shot, quiet, introspective piece…

  • Maniac


    show: incomprehensible bullshit 
    everyone: is this incredibly clever art