Tenet ★★★½

i definitely didn’t understand 70% of this but the soundtrack fucks so hard and men!!! hot men everywhere (also yeah i couldn’t hear shit so i turned subtitles on and because HBO sucks ass at subtitles and every line is either a solid 15 seconds late or missing entirely i couldn’t read shit either!!! next watch will be a blu-ray that comes with its own subtitles so help me god) anyways if you don’t like this movie because it’s too confusing but like Dunkirk i respectfully ask what is wrong with you! where do you draw the line! the reviews on this baffled me like y’all will let Nolan get away with a sub par war movie that has fuck all going on in it but you can’t allow him his time shenanigans for the millionth time in this movie? unbelievable

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