La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

The first time I watched this, 2 years ago, I liked it, I find it pretty, but didn't give it second thoughts. But now that I grew to love and admire cinema more, I can say I understand how this movie is a masterpiece. It's everything I love about movies. It's kind, it's real, it's beautiful. It allows me to believe in dreams, my dreams. Foolish as I may seem.
I never allow myself to dream. I don't believe in myself enough to allow me such a thing. But the audition scene... for 5 whole minutes, I dreamt. I dreamt about me, on a different world or reality, maybe, making movies this kind, beautiful and real. That allow other people to dream.
And even if now it feels just like that last scene, where they both picture their lifes as a hearthbreaking "what if..." sequence; where I'm not a talentless, motivationless and lost paraguayan, with no chances to do such a thing; for those 5 minutes, hoping and dreaming felt really really good. Thanks, Damien.

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