Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish ★★★★


Watching Rumble Fish makes me realise what a fucking great tough actor Matt Dillon is. He is so charismatic, good looking, tough talking and funny. Really cool street toughness which seems quite natural for him to do.

Rumble Fish really is like a French New Wave film in its style and Coppola is having all his way in how this film is portrayed. Because his earlier film The Outsiders was so good and a classic Rumble Fish has always been left in the shadow. 

Like this film it looks amazing and fantastic cast. Tom Waits at the Pool Bar is so cool. The Outsiders is so much better really for me.

Diane Lane is so beautiful also.

For me Matt Dillon is an amazing actor I know he annoys some for being a buffoon in films, but that's what he does best. 

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