Xanadu ★★★★

My first celebrity crush was Olivia Newton- John in the late 70’s. I was only a young kid. I could have watched Xanadu everyday at the time. She was so beautiful and loved her songs . My mother had all her records as well played them all the time. Had a poster on the wall during the Physical era 

While this movie is really fairly average. ONJ wasn’t a great actress but she had a really sweet screen presence.  It’s completely fun and the music is great. Much credit has to be given to Electric Light Orchestra .  Gene Kelly I love ❤️ you as well 

Always wondered what happened to the film career of Michael Beck. He was great in The Warriors. 

Really sad hearing the news of Olivia Newton - Johns passing last week. She was a beautiful in looks and personality . Nothing bad you could say about her.

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