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  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    Take a trio of actresses, give them a fact-based story like this, add sufficient historic distance that a modern audience can convince itself that we're more enlightened than that nowadays and you've got quite a crowd-pleaser of a film on your hands.

    (I loved the scene where John Glenn's launch was held up while a NASA flunky was sent to retrace the very journey between the East and West buildings that we'd seen Katherine Johnson take in search of a Colored Bathroom umpteen times prior to this. An easy, cheap bit of point-scoring? Perhaps. I'd prefer to think of it as a good point, well made.)

  • Pandorum



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This mix of science fiction and horror does quite a bit right, but despite it having an excellent twist at the end I couldn't buy the notion that a large chunk of the passenger base had mutated/adapted into super-tough killing machines in a short space of time (or even in a longer space of time, once we get a clearer idea of the time frame involved as the film came to a climax).

    I get that it was the presence…

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  • Star Trek

    Star Trek


    As modern day reboots go, this is very nearly as good as it gets: for all the jokes about lens flare JJ Abrams got the important things right:

    1) A cast who (with the regrettable exception of Simon Pegg's take on Mr Scott) did a bang on job of evoking the original series characters without falling into the trap of doing impersonations of the original actors. (Zachary Quinto deserves double points for pulling this off even when doing a scene…

  • WarGames



    I haven't seen this in probably twenty years, and before that I don't know that I'd seen it since the initial cinema release. Much nostalgia for someone my age in seeing acoustic couplers and 8 inch floppy disks on screen when they were fairly new (and quite expensive) technology.

    (Also, I have to say, it was good to see a young, pre-'Breakfast Club' Ally Sheedy again.)

    More to the point, the film has a vision of networked computing with minimal…