The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

Yes, please. I want more superhero films like this instead of Man of Steel. I don't mean that purely on a quality level, even if it applies. I'm talking about in terms of scale. I'm tired of "WE NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD. DO YOU WANT A BUILDING? I SHALL THROW YOU INTO ONE." It's all starting to feel so trite, without ringing true at all, even in the stellar Marvel films. This film feels personal to Wolverine. It's as much about business politics as it is Wolverine, and it works. The stakes here feel much higher than in most other superhero films. And what I was really worried about - "WAHHHH, I DON'T WANT MY POWERS" - isn't even how the film plays it. It's a film about mortality, really. Sure, the third act gets silly when a giant metal robot comes into play, but I was hooked and invested by all that came before.

And that silly looking bullet train scene we laughed at in trailers is actually really sort of awesome in the film.

PS - I finally like a Hugh Jackman film again. This feels weird and wonderful.

PS (Again) - That stinger in the credits is horseshit.