Notorious ★★★★★

It occurred to me after watching Notorious that Alfred Hitchcock may very well be a genius. Not just in the complimentary sense, but in a literal sense. His films elicit natural, layered, powerful human responses from viewers; I've never felt more tense in any medium than whenever I'm watching a Hitchcock film. In Notorious, a love story from the "master of suspense", even the love scenes are powerful and captivating - somehow, in the midst of the conservative '40s, Hitchcock managed to imbue this movie with a heavy sensuality that's very rarely equaled in American cinema even today. And the suspense, because of course there's suspense, is at times so heightened I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. I don't describe anything as flawless, but the ending to Notorious is - once again, I mean this in a literal sense - perfect.