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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    Holly Hunter said it was worth the wait and she's so right ugh her mind.

    Gorgeous animation (some of Pixar's best), thrilling action sequences, surprisingly thought-provoking and mature themes, and excellent voice work across the board that makes the Parrs as lovable and relatable as ever. Elastigirl rightly gets her time in the spotlight, while Mr. Incredible's parenting storyline is adorable and provides for some insightful and memorable humor and commentary. Jack-Jack is delightful here as a developing super, and…

  • Just Getting Started

    Just Getting Started


    Imagine assembling this cast for your film and then giving them the middle finger for 90 minutes. Well, you don't have to imagine.

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    It seems uncool to say, but I loved this movie. The more I hear "it doesn't need to exist" makes me pretty fucking glad it exists. I had such a blast in the theater and it's one I can't wait to watch again for the mere thrill of the epic heists, chases, and banter without grandiose lightsaber battles and every storyline being devoted to saving the galaxy (those are the great tenets of Star Wars, but we don't need them…

  • Adrift



    SHAILENE. WOODLEY. She's an incredible talent to anchor this film and one of my personal favorite actresses to watch at the moment. She has solid chemistry with Sam Claflin, who also turns in a fine performance despite being given less to do.

    The cinematography is simply gorgeous throughout and the sound design is beautiful yet haunting. It's impressive knowing that this was mostly filmed at sea. There's passion in the filmmaking and an inspiring true story like this deserves that…