Parasite ★★★★★

“you know what kind of plan never fails? no plan. you know why? because if you make a plan, life never turns out that way.”

oh my god. i finally saw it. i finally fucking saw it. 

okay, so before i go on with my actual review i need to tell a little story about how long i’ve actually tried to see this film. of course it’s been all the hype on letterboxd since summer, and it’s been in and out of US theaters since about september. i have made so many plans to see this, all of which have never worked out. the first friday i was supposed to see it with my mother we both ended up sick. then, it was out of the local theaters again, the only showings being over twenty miles away. i was actually terrified i wouldn’t be able to see this movie before the oscars. but finally, yesterday me and my best friend decided to make a day out of it and head downtown and finally fucking SEE PARASITE! yeah, well, we took an hour train ride to the city, supppppper pumped, and as we were trying to buy out tickets we were told all showings at that location had just got canceled— and i was like 😳 ok just say ur racist and go. the day proceeded with bad luck as my chik fil a gift card had no money on it (homophobic), and then our train back home was delayed twenty minutes and we were stuck in the rain! why doesn’t god want me to see this movie? well, today was another turn of bad luck which involved sneaking into the theater, getting caught and scolded, but then finally getting in just as it was starting. yeah— trying to see Parasite was a nightmare but i would do it all over again and more,, that’s how good this movie was. 

i want to start by saying this was better than i could have ever even hoped for. this beyond surprised me. it kicked The Irishman (which i absolutely loved) off the top spot of my 2019 ranked. i will never forget this picture. there was so much entertainment value, and while i always feel quite engaged with most movies i watch, with this i was in a different headspace. the entire world around me evaporated and i was without a doubt loosing my mind to this film.

the color palette and the set design went hand in hand, and then there was the contrast between scenes depending on the narrative of the film section. i really loved this. also the cinematography. oh my, the cinematography! i want to weep! 

i genuinely wasn’t expecting any of the climaxes. there were times i couldn’t help but to cover my mouth in pure shock, i was so enchanted by the rhythm of the dilemmas the characters were put in. and during the last portion of the film i couldn’t stop the tears from falling out of my eyes. i didn’t even know i was crying until i felt the wetness on my cheeks; i just simply was amazed and astonished at the entire outcome. 

wait, god— there’s so much i want to say, i wasn’t expecting my mind to be swimming so much. i would be so thrilled if this one best picture and/or best director. i cant express what i’m feeling right now. even if you don’t care for film, if you don’t care for art of any sort, i would see this. i cant imagine having to go my entire life not seeing this. i recommend Parasite to anyone. literally anyone.

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