Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold ½

I hate this.
I want to scrub my brain and eyes.

I hate this. i hate the acting i hate the music i hate the story. Boots looks like he has a skin disease , the backpack is nightmare fuel. And it's just one big mess.

Longest 100 minutes of my life.

Here are some notes:

*That backpack is absolute nightmare fuel i want to scrub my eyes with soap and other chemicals*
* Boots looks like he has a rare skin cancer poor thing*

*Dora takes a leap of fate and exceeds to fall 100+ feet without totally shattering every bone in her body like a normal person would*
*Old Diego looks like he has a rare autoimmune disease*

*Dora eats a 10 year old candybar that has more mold than a french wine cellar*
*for some unkown reason swipper has la tourette and says man after every sentence*

*Exotic plants make Dora and her friends trip total balls. And for some god forsaken reason everything turns 2D . Please gauge out my eyes*
*Boots has the voice of a 70 year old farmer who smoked since he was 5*
*The school party dance scene is the only descent and non mind numbing scene in this film*