Wrong Turn ★★★★

i have a lot of things to say about this movie. first of all, it doesn't even feel like a wrong turn movie. if you're expecting something like the first one, you'll probably end up being disappointed. this plays out more like midsommar replacing inbred cannibals, which are far more scarier imo, with some kind of cult. i appreciate them trying to do something different instead of making the same stuff over and over again, but it just doesn't feel like it belongs in the series. the pacing was kinda slow at the times, but surprisingly likeable characters, brutal kills and gore make up for it. i'm glad we got a little bit of queer representation even if it didn't last long. also charlotte vega ate, her character was a decent final girl and i hope to see her in more horror movies. overall, whilst it's definitely not the best in the franchise, it's entertaining enough and it's certainly better than a shitshow that was wrong turn 6.

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