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  • Midnight Kiss

    Midnight Kiss


    i'm not joking when i say we need more queer slashers like this one. also one of the characters quotes the iconic "Don't make me drink alone!" line from Ma, so you know i had to stan.

  • Devil



    i genuinely don't understand all the hate this movie got. the concept itself is really fun and the stories about the devil were really interesting imo. yeah, the twist is really predictable and literally none of the characters are likeable, but it's got a handful of intense moments and i was really anxious at certain parts lmao.

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye


    rachel mcadams as the final girl? yes please!

  • Inside



    i don't think i've ever been this squeamish in my entire life

  • Starry Eyes

    Starry Eyes


    before watching this movie, i was thinking about becoming an actor. after watching it, i'm not so sure anymore...

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    why does literally everybody in this movie have the same face expression?

  • Suspiria



    dakota johnson as mother suspiriorum... no, i don't think you understand, i'm OBSESSED

  • Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn


    i have a lot of things to say about this movie. first of all, it doesn't even feel like a wrong turn movie. if you're expecting something like the first one, you'll probably end up being disappointed. this plays out more like midsommar replacing inbred cannibals, which are far more scarier imo, with some kind of cult. i appreciate them trying to do something different instead of making the same stuff over and over again, but it just doesn't feel…

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    this movie had no business being 2 hours long, but it's got jake gyllenhaal playing a bisexual art critic, so it's an instant classic in my book. it was also aesthetically pleasing, and i loved the death scenes, some of them were really creative, especially the buzzsaw one.

  • Hellbent



    gay horror is the best kind of horror

  • The Stepford Wives

    The Stepford Wives


    cinema didn't exist until the stepford wives invented it in 2004

  • Ma



    ma seemed like such a fun person to hang out with, idgaf if she tried to kill those kids.