single white femalien

single white femalien


I am not sequenced to respond to the demands of waste material.

Favorite films

  • Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip
  • Club Lingerie
  • Beauty Queen Butcher
  • Some Nudity Required

Recent activity

  • The Immortalizer

  • Westworld

  • Zaat

  • The Saturn Avenger vs. the Terror Robot

Pinned reviews

  • Ghoulies


    Unpopular horror opinion: while all are unbearably cute, I wouldn't fuck any of the ghoulies from the movie Ghoulies!

  • Ghoulies II

    Ghoulies II

    awright i'd fuck these sexy lil ghoulies tho

Recent reviews

  • People's Stuff

    People's Stuff

    so charming. doesnt feel like it sometimes but i do love people, so much! my most dedicated collection is big bitch postcards but i do collect Things in a general sense. thousands of books. celeb memoirs & bios! did u know there's a colonel sanders memoir called (life as i've known it has been) FINGER LICKIN' GOOD? there is! my copy smells like pencil shavings, but kind of in a gross way. film writing! feminist theory! comics! magazines! old shit. gremlins…

  • Vampire Sisters

    Vampire Sisters

    don d was sooooo embarrassed abt this one in blood boobs & beast lol. neither don nor joe ripple have the correct sensibility for erotic titty horror abt hot vampire babez in latex eating ppl to death. gotta leave that to the sex pervs, they know what theyre doing and they do it with aplomb! these joe ripple movies are a little *too* good imo they kinda miss the magic spark that made don's directorial oeuvre so transfixing but i've still…

Popular reviews

  • Final Destination

    Final Destination

    final destination is my favorite movie cuz the boys go poop together. I love positive depictions of male friendship! yes we stan boys who are regular ❤

  • Prometheus



    alien abortion still my favorite scene in all of feminist film herstory