Children of the Corn

im pretty sure this is one of the first horror moveys i ever watched on purpose through my own free will and personal choice. maybe it's why i love really dumb stuff, probably not, a little too complex and fruitless an undertaking to truly map out the contours of why i like the dumb shit i like and it's not like "dumb shit" hasn't shifted and evolved over the years, and it's also not like this got lodged in my brain in a special way. it really didn't! i have no fond feelings for children of the corn! i wish i did but my memory is like a sieve, there's nothing in here, im just a classic empty brained gal and don't you forget it! but u know it's a certainly a very nice, funny idea to me personally to say THIS is the movie that got me HOOKED ON HORROR so i will retroactively apply this as my origin story. we all have one and for some of us? it's a bit corny. not like the word that already exists, like horny with a c in front of it, thank you for your understanding. we're horny for corn baby!! the very premise of it is so funny to me two grown people who hit a kid with their car and stumble into a town full of murderous children where half the events take place in a cornfield. that's the whole movie! such a simple singular stupid idea that barely works because the movie is pretty boring but at the end of the day they've been TERRORIZED by THE CHILDREN OF THE CORN and isn't that what really matters? also a movie starring a cast composed almost entirely of child actors? yes, that IS an adult nightmare imho!!! We Live In A Corn Society and i for one couldn't be gladder!