Gremlins ★★★½

does anyone else think it's more than a little f*cked up that the mom literally throws a gremlin into a blender, stabs one in the head, and microwaves one more to death and then her horrible son throws one into the fireplace and they rejoice as it roasts to death?? GREMLINS NEVER ASKED FOR THIS!! like excuse me but if took care of your pet with the super easy instructions that were provided to you this never would've happened and now ur punishing them for it?? this movie is all about white + male entitlement tbh. like this guy just wandering into chinatown and demanding that mogwai as if it's owed to him.. get over it! it's not yours! you can't have it just because you want it! this is litereally a movie about gremlin oppression, why isn't anyone talking about this!!!! its a metaphor! WAKE UP SHEEPLE SMELL THE GREMLINS WHAT ARENT THEY TELLING US?? im team gremlin. makes u think

also i love phoebe cates she's so cute especially when shes telling a bizarre grim story about her dad dying in a chimney dressed up as santa. very good. what is that? where'd that come from? and also i love gizmo, she's the most perfectest little sweet baby. i want one and i HAVE to have it!!!! im GONNA get a gremlin i don't care what my mama says