Lady Bird

honestly when are fat girls gonna get our charming & sweet coming of age story?!?! beanie feldstein said she looooveeees playing the best friend but i would loooooveeeeee to see the interiority of a fat girl's life explored outside of the shadows of her thin friend's. i feel so much as a fat lady in friendships with thin women you end up getting sidelined, unconsciously and without deliberate malice for the most part, and you end up taking a back seat like julie does in christine's life. she's so easily disposed of when someone seemingly better comes along! i don't like julie's existence and julie's unconditional love/friendship being framed as integral to christine's narrative growth because it means julie doesn't get her own.

i still enjoyed this tho and the honest histrionics of teenagehood will forever be amusing. this is greta gerwig's baby, but if a man had written a character like christine it would be with contempt and without any love for her, imo.. she has such an abrasive personality that's only exacerbated by her attempts to figure out her identity. god, being a teenager sucked.

also (good) moms do so goddamn much for us that goes almost completely unnoticed and we're so ungrateful. shout out to all the MILFs, moms i'd like to be friends with!!

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