• Playmates


    this seems like barely concealed fetish material. grown women pretending to be little girls and its def very deliberately sexual!!!!!!!

  • Birthright


    i liked the part where after this guy infects his pregnant wife with a little syphilis (as a treat) from sleeping with a dopy waitress who's prob supposed to be like slattern-coded slut in the midcentury american imagination even tho she just seems kinda like a regular lady his wife is for sure upset with his behavior but she's also like aw its just as much my fault i caught a syphilis! no ma'am it is not! anyway after all…

  • Is Your Daughter Safe?

    Is Your Daughter Safe?

    i guess all that remains of this s.s. millard (FATHER OF NICK "CRAZY FAT ETHEL" MILLARD!!!!!!!!!) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) early sexplo film is two nude women non-erotically nudely wandering along a craggy beach but i bet whatever the full compilation cut of this was, was cool as hell. i love a white slavery plot and photos of diseased genitals!!!!! it sure sucks i can't experience either of those things cinematically right now! we rightfully mourn early hollywoodland films lost to time but…

  • Kill the Scream Queen

    Kill the Scream Queen

    i really truly dont say this lightly but heres a real shocker i hated every second of this lol

  • Dracula's Angel

    Dracula's Angel

    me n the girls started this last night before the limp bizkit concert i said oh i got just the thing for yall u will love it it will put u in the chocolate starfish mood and i think they did like it it amped them up? they were really impressed with the character design especially including the faces, the bodies, the clothes, the teeths, how slowly everyone walked and moved, the hair whether patchy or full long or none,…

  • Common Law Wife

    Common Law Wife

    its funny to me that we have like unprecedented access to basically every extant movie that has ever existed and no one is watching COMMON LAW WIFE?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? every day people just wake up and decide to waste time on some kinda annoying studio slop just to whine about it online when they could instead be watching a hot little tramp named friggin BABY DOLL act up in a small texas town. HER BEHAVIOR WILL SHOCK YOU!!!!! im being a bitch…

  • Have You Ever Been on a Trip?

    Have You Ever Been on a Trip?

    the FUCK COMMUNISM! poster is kinda funny. for the art lovers theres also a daisy duck with giant tits very much worth seeing!! i guess this is technically hippiesploitation but mostly its a porno where a revolving door of ppl slurp and grind on each other while pawing through voluminous pubic bushes. not very interesting but theres a couple of fun background details!

  • The Psycho Lover

    The Psycho Lover

    im a huge fan of violating doctor/patient medical ethics to trick someone into killing your spouse & really stylish dream/kill sequences so kind of a match made in heaven here!

  • The Girls from Thunder Strip

    The Girls from Thunder Strip

    i wish i loved this! it's a great poster! not the minimalist one on here i hate the sick fucks on tmdb for that shit but this one??? that's really the stuff. THREE MOONSHINING, BOOTLEGGING, HELLRAISING SISTERS THAT TURN THE BLUEGRASS RED WITH BLOOD!!! like all right i'm listening really you already hooked me with that and their weird little squished in pug faces but then they start tellin about the gals like lil can out shoot, out drive, and…

  • Sex and the Single Vampire

    Sex and the Single Vampire

    "count spatula" (john holmes, ofc) is such an obnoxious whiny curmudgeon griping about the state of his filthy mouse infested home & the piss poor quality of blood in his fridge until a group of sex crazed orgyists invade his haunted house & start secreting their fluids all over his bed?? i mean hes not even using it he sleeps in a coffin it's fine! his mood kinda lightens after that anyway cuz as u may know, vampires have needs too. the…

  • How to Undress in Front of Your Man

    How to Undress in Front of Your Man

    it's worth mentioning that this is a much pornier 70s take on the 30s dwain esper sexplo how to undress in front of your husband. "the vagina is the original tunnel of love"!

  • Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love!

    Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love!

    deeply unerotic & grimy, my fav kind of adult cinema. i forgot i used my unemployment money to buy a bunch of those pirated "reprints" of ed wood novels lol im gonna read this one today