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  • Edge of Sanity


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  • The Mummy's Tomb


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  • Edge of Sanity

    Edge of Sanity


    I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy, but I found it pretty funny. Really stylish & sexy, too. Perkins is going off like a true lunatic. Part of a killer late run of films for him including Daughter Of Darkness & I’m dangerous tonight.

    This film is frankly, hilarious. It’s pretty much American Psycho, Victorian style.

  • The Dead Next Door

    The Dead Next Door


    What a surprise! I thought it would be super crummy, but it’s actually a hoot. Amazing special effects and a fun story. A movie that knows how to have fun!

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  • Basket Case

    Basket Case


    For me there are two kings of body horror. The slick & clinical Cronenberg & Frank Henenlotter.

    Unlike Cronenberg’s films which usually feature scientist, doctors & experts, Henenlotter allows his horrors to befall regular people & I think his films are much more universal as a result.

    His films are funny and sad, cartoons full of pathos soaked in blood.

    Basket Case is the prototype for this new form of urban terror. It’s success owes much to the locations & design of the film, as…

  • The Sender

    The Sender


    The missing link between Scanners and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Really great film with a superb Trevor Jones score.