Halloween ★★★½

“But this Boogeyman is real. An evil like his never stops, it just grows older. Darker. More determined”

Halloween (2018) starts yet another timeline in the already confusing canon of the series and acts as a sequel to only the 1978 movie; aiming to essentially redo the concept of H20 in observing how Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode turns out decades after her encounter with Michael Myers. With a more modern style and greater care in the script than many other entries, the film deals with the characters in a way that feels grounded and realistic while still following through with the elements that made the first movie so great to begin with; dragging in the beginning but eventually settling into a surprisingly well-crafted and satisfying final act. Even though it doesn’t prove itself to be entirely necessary I think it’s the best sequel of the franchise so far; solving many of the issues of prior films and feeling the most accurate to the world and ideas Carpenter established in the original.

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