Rocketman ★★½

“and for my next trick, I’m going to fucking kill myself”

Taron Egerton stars as Elton John in the brand new musical biopic ‘Rocketman’ (directed by Dexter Fletcher). Being the second in (what I assume will be) a long line of big musical biopics, ‘Rocketman’ will always be compared to last year’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. While Elton John’s biopic may not be as well made, or well acted, or as entertaining as the aforementioned film, it’s reasonably decent.

Egerton is good, but not particularly impressive while playing his role. He seemed to lack an intensity that left me underwhelmed with his performance. Still very good, undeniably, but not as good as I believe it could’ve been. The style of this film is also a little off putting. The whole thing feels a little messy and slapped together, with the writers not knowing where to put scenes or how to fit it altogether. Some stylistic choices didn’t work at all and seemed very unnatural when watching. 

I can’t fault this film too much however, as it did a number of things right. Egerton chose to sing the songs himself, which I feel worked extremely well and made it feel more natural than if they put the songs in separately. I also liked how aspects of Elton John’s life were portrayed, making it more realistic and personal rather than glorifying it.

In the end, ‘Rocketman’ isn’t a bad film at all. As a portrayal of a man’s life it works well, aside from the stylistic choices, but falls apart a bit as a film. If you’re a fan of Elton John this movie is a must see, but if you’re indifferent towards his work, I wouldn’t feel bad about missing it.

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