Scream ★★★

“I still prefer the Babadook”

My biggest worry with the idea of a fifth Scream - aside from the absence of Wes Craven - was that they’d have run out of material to satirise; but surprisingly enough Radio Silence’s new film manages to cleverly continue the relevant genre meta-commentary while also serving as a pretty cool slasher. Craven’s direction is definitely missed; feeling very flat at times and lacking the same style that gives the franchise much of its charm, but the insightful, fairly funny screenplay by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick keeps it different and intriguing - neatly incorporating new concepts like soft reboots, nostalgia, ‘elevated horror’ and fandoms. After the last Halloween movie it was really refreshing to see a horror sequel that can balance the weight of its franchise with enough originality to keep it distinct; honestly improving on some of the prior films and earning its place as a worthy addition to the series.

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