Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★½

“But for me, those moments of stillness, that place; that's the kingdom of God”

Darius Marder’s first outing as a director and now a Best Picture nominee; Sound of Metal is a fascinating look at deafness from the viewpoint of a heavy-metal drummer, passionately portrayed by Riz Ahmed as he frustratedly navigates his new situation and learns to find peace in the unexpected change. The sound design and mixing is exceptionally crafted and considered, approximating the feeling of hearing loss in a way that is both empathetic and apparently realistic; inventively capturing the subtle inflections and vibrations by using sensitive microphones to record the slightest movements of Ahmed’s body in his scenes to create a powerfully naturalistic soundscape that works instrumentally in developing the character and perspective. I do feel that it started to drag a little as it went on, but it’s an extremely impassioned and dedicatedly created project, and I’m so happy that it’s received the recognition that it has so far.

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