Babel ★★★★

A cleverly executed multi-dimensional thriller with a brilliantly underpinned story about victims of fate. This compelling quadrivial drama intertwines quite grippingly and blows our mind away.

Known for his artistic and masterful skills, Alejandro has weaved another spectacular quartet of stories and intersected them quite brilliantly. Though Babel follows a known cinematic technique, it wins at the execution level.

Brad Pitt shines as usually among the slew of less familiar actors. But none of them seem like a novice. That includes the Moroccan kids as well. It baffles me to witness them act the way they did. When everyone on board delivers a raw and unadulterated performance, you put yourself in their plight for a moment and the movie carries you to the end.

The stories were meticulously intertwined to our maximum pleasure. It needs a great deal of skill and experience behind the director's chair to make a film of this caliber. Except the few explicit scene (which you can't watch having your parents around) this 140-minutes thrilling drama is an engrossing ride.

In a nutshell, Babel is one of a kind. If you wanna watch an unusual movie that gives you a great viewing experience, this is the one for you. Go for it.

Bable rating:
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Our rating - Blows your mind away.

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