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  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Watched Apocalypse Now: Final Cut version

  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2


    seriously fuck this film, i wish i could give it 0 stars

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  • Joker



    Joker's main strength is Joaquin Phoenix's performance, oftentimes he played him very sympathetically and also in a way which felt as though he was going to snap at any moment, his small moments created tension and unease and there were times where he felt geniunely scary. The main thing about it all this movie is more of a tragedy than it is anything else.

    That this capitalistic society, which seeks nothing but profit and cutting funding and lack of care…

  • 100 Girls

    100 Girls


    the scene where he tells the gender study teacher how all the ISTS are ruining the world is the embodiment of a "and then everybody clapped" tumblr post