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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    I feel like after Batman Vs Superman, everyone's excepted DC and the style of film they put out. Usually, it's dark and misreable but always somewhat interesting. No matter how bad you think BvS was, it was fairly ambitious. Bringing the other side of superhero movies we don't always see. Wonder Woman still has a mostly serious tone but it is much more light hearted. One of the biggest perks is that, this time around, there is actually a color…

  • Lovesong



    y'all know what today is?

    today is the day that I decided to watch another film that has been grossly overrated by the LGBT side of Letterboxd and god am I absolutely sick of doing this.

    I think the biggest flaw is that I don't give a shit about any of these characters or the narrative as a whole. It felt slightly reminiscent of films like "Blue Jay", but this pales in comparison mainly because of the fact that the…

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  • Rings




    Cue loud noise whilst a bird hits the window 

    "DID u SeE ThE BIRDy?!?!?"

    Female protagonist says to boyfriend aka mr. Cardboard cutout

    "What BIRDy?!?!" 

    Says Mr. bOYFRIEND

    Female protagonist runs out of car and back a few metres, and points at a helpless creature. Lying there, with no life left (like the characters in this movie ayo!!)

    "THAT BIRDy!"

    Mr girlfriend says and then hugs cardboard cutout 

    I m a g I n e  t h I S  s C r e e n p l a y

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    The best part about Alien: Covenant is that it succeeds in almost every single place where Prometheus failed. It's still not high art, but this time around we have Danny McBride actually playing a character, likeable and developed protagonists and some damn good spectacles.

    What's not to really enjoy?

    I'll write a full review on GetReel or something later I promise