Atomic Blonde ★★

TFW talented stuntman turned action director David Leitch decides to get behind a script that is basically "what if spy movie but female" that lacks any interesting characters, emotional involvement and just originality in general. Featuring stylistic choices that'll give you a headache so throbbing you'll deeply exhale and say "this is so fucking boring" either quietly to yourself or in your head; maybe even out loud so the guy/girl beside you can turn to you and mouth something along the lines of "I know, right???"

Oh and that scene in the staircase? Yeah, it's pretty great. I just wish the entire film possessed that same amount of energy. Four minutes of pretty great action doesn't make for the other two hours of unbearable dialogue and Kurt Johnstad begging you to feel even a sliver of emotion for anything that's going on in the convoluted mess of a plot (and I could hardly contain my laughter during Charlize Theron's "Kung Fu" screaming).

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