Before I Fall ★★★

Ayo fam saw this with Josh, Ben, and Danny at Next Wave

Before I Fall is one of those movies that I love and hate all at the same time. I can admit that it's a terribly acted film but its cinematography is beautiful, this is a prime example of style over substance. It's incredibly obnoxious writing doesn't help anything either. Sorry but kids don't talk like this. I don't think any of them worship snapchat like this and are this douchey at frat parties, etc. The only thing it did get correct was the parties and the craving for weed/beer for parties.

It's like this year's Nerve, it gets the teenage vibe wrong, it gets the bullying part wrong because they were going to easy on the girl (no, I'm not being sarcastic), but kids nowadays actually listen to this kind of bad music, so that's really really scary

Looks beautiful (and Zoey Deutch is beautiful) but it isn't very good when it comes to its copy and pasted characters with a lil more depth than usual

isn't it awesome when you hypocritically and ignorantly like a movie because it reflects on your real life?


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