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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

    It’s a film that’s hard to give a star rating for or to recommend

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    One of the craziest and most violent martial arts movies ever made. Seek it out on the Netflix

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  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    One of the best of the year. Surprisingly deep and relevant. I don't think I've ever seen Chris Pine this good. I mean he's usually good as Capt Kirk but here it shows he has range and can do other material. Bridges is his usual great self as an aging Texas Ranger working one last case before retiring. 

    See this movie on the big screen. The cinematography alone deserves it.

  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch

    As a fan of the first film and Adam Wingard, I was really looking forward to Blair Witch.  But unfortunately this is essentially a glorified remake with better camera equipment and even dumber characters. And yes this one has the cliched found footage ending as well

    Another big issue i have is that there is no further additions to the mythology . What's mentioned is basically an enhanced version of what is said in the original. 

    I would say avoid this at all costs unless you're a die hard found footage fan