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  • Jürgen - Heute wird gelebt

    Jürgen - Heute wird gelebt

    Heinz Strunk ist kein Schauspieler. Und das Script lässt so ziemlich alles aus bzw. irgendwann in den Hintergrund rücken, aus dem man noch etwas Interessantes hätte machen können.

    Und Charly Hübners Figur? Na ja, Schalke Fan. Was soll man sagen ...

  • Horror Express

    Horror Express


    What have you done to his eyes!?!

    [Beware of Spoilers]
    It’s "Murder on the Orient Express" meets "The Thing" meets campy mind-accumulating Space God with Cossack zombie soldiers. Just when you think this is just another silly "Monster on a Train" movie things get deliciously – well – off the rails. Some elements are silly AF, maybe even bad (like dialogue and acting), and there’s some hyper-nonsensical behavior all around, but it’s too wacky to ever be considered boring.

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  • Deepwater Horizon

    Deepwater Horizon


    So, the angle to tell this story is way off. I can understand why one would like to (more or less) de-politicize history and tell a human story, but one shouldn't. The first big movie concerned with the Deepwater Horizon incident should've been more like "Silkwood" or at the very least like "Erin Brockvich".

    With that said ... damn, Peter Berg. How he gets there is both by-the-numbers and a bit boring but once things go haywire Berg cranks up the tension and serves up some unmissable set-pieces.

  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay


    Sarah Paulson needs to be in everything. Well, maybe not everything. I don't need to see her in a Transformers movie. Or even a Marvel movie. I may be okay with her making some super-quick dollars, Glenn Close style, and then continue with films like this one or TV-show like the O.J. thing I still haven't seen. The thing is: more Sarah Paulson.

    The talk about two actors' so-called chemistry is silly more often than not. But Paulson and Mark…