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  • Hellraiser: Judgment

    Hellraiser: Judgment


    It's not as bad as the last one. So, you know, it's got that going for it. Beyond that, this feels very much like your typical Hellraiser sequel, wherein they've tacked the Cenobites on to a police procedural story. Think a mega-low budget version of Seven, made for the direct-to-DVD market. It's definitely superior to the last few films in the franchise, but that's perhaps damning it with faint praise given how terrible this series has been for years.


  • Justice League Dark

    Justice League Dark


    Warner Bros. Animation has a decidedly mixed record these days. They began strongly with a number of terrific Batman adaptations, but lately the quality seems to have gone down tremendously. Fortunately, I can say with confidence that Justice League Dark is one of the better films in their canon.

    This film places Batman at the front and center of its artwork but, in truth, the story really focuses on Constantine and his lapsed relationship with Zatanna, with an arc that…

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  • Pray For Death

    Pray For Death


    The 80's ninja craze is a passion of mine, beginning from a young age when I was soaking in some of these films in the early 90's, as a kid obsessed with martial arts and all things 'chop socky'. Sho Kosugi is perhaps the actor best linked to that black-clad craze, having made a series of low-budget but well-intentioned and entertaining ninja movies, and 'Pray for Death' is another good, solid entry in that collection.

    Kosugi isn't a brilliant actor,…

  • The Headless Eyes

    The Headless Eyes


    We've reviewed this film on the Strange and Deadly Show podcast, available here:


    Dreadful in many ways, and promising in one or two others, Headless Eyes is a real mess of a film. Bo Brundin (an accomplished actor, by the looks of his IMDb page) tries his hardest to save it with an impassioned and occasionally decent performance as the lead psychopath Arthur, but he's been given no direction and has little focus, so it all seems hammy.…