Hellraiser: Judgment ★★

It's not as bad as the last one. So, you know, it's got that going for it. Beyond that, this feels very much like your typical Hellraiser sequel, wherein they've tacked the Cenobites on to a police procedural story. Think a mega-low budget version of Seven, made for the direct-to-DVD market. It's definitely superior to the last few films in the franchise, but that's perhaps damning it with faint praise given how terrible this series has been for years.

You can at least tell that director Gary J. Tunnicliffe loves the Hellraiser universe, having been a big part of it for years while working on the effects. He tries to give the Cenobite scenes a bit more flair, though it's clear he has very little money to work with. Perhaps with a better budget and a less generic story we could have had something more akin to an earlier film in the franchise, but I'm sort of grateful that some of the blood loss has been stemmed since 'Revelations' came out. If this is the level we're working on until the long-gestating remake arrives, so be it.

Oh and new Pinhead isn't too bad, though he lacks the presence Doug Bradley had. You probably didn't need me to tell you that though, eh?