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  • Dog Day Afternoon
  • GoodFellas
  • Natural Born Killers
  • The Blues Brothers

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  • Spawn


  • Dune


  • The Guilty


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  • Spawn


    Every stroke of characterization is contradicted at some point. Scenes that don't contradict earlier scenes are irreparably redundant. Every creative decision is anti-narrative. Even the appearance of narrative crops up like another non-sequitur in a fire- and flame-obsessed fever dream of fragment and gibberish. I can't emphasize this enough: Way too damn much superimposed fire and flames. What's more, superimposed fire and flames in the unabashed PlayStation 1 aesthetic that saturates every other frame.

    It just dates poorly, my ass.…

  • Dune


    For the whole time I've been alive, the consensus has been that David Lynch’s 1984 version of this heady tripe is a mess and a misfire, while the advertising and buildup encircling Denis Villeneuve’s personal working is that he nailed it. Lynch’s attempt, apparently much like Alejandro Jodorowsky’s embryo of an earlier production, agonized from the terminal defect that it wasn't really Frank Herbert's babble that was driving them so much as their own proclivities and fetishes as filmmakers. The…

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  • Major Payne

    Major Payne

    "Sorry, Payne. There's nobody else to kill. You've killed them all."

  • Enough Said

    Enough Said

    Perfectly acted, and altogether quite bittersweet, Enough Said is a mature movie in the best conceivable way. These are two of my absolute favorite people to watch being paired up in the knick of time. It could've so easily never happened, but it did and the easy chemistry between them is all I hoped for it to be and more. In the brief room film offers, writer-director Nicole Holofcener, with a script as crisp and tight as they come, seizes…