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  • Sleepless Night

    Sleepless Night


    This kind of chase is apparently made feasible because the shady, labyrinthine nightclub where most of it is set is clogged with hundreds of drinking and dancing patrons, and the music is cranked up so high that gunshots aren't heard. You may wonder why it is that the patrons keep on reveling, generally unconcerned with the savage exchange taking place all around them. Director Frederic Jardin gleefully dives in at a frantic clip, as French star Tomer Sisley takes an…

  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    Taking one of the most venerated conventions in the movies, we see the gaping underbellies we seek out for the redress and redemption of our wounds and indignities. This very welcome and much-needed black comedy is a bona fide novelty that, with an understated and abrasive sense of caricature, grapples with the innermost trenches of our destructive ideas of manhood and “toxic masculinity,” to borderline loony heights. Riley Stearns's work unravels all its tricks in time, but it's only when you begin to absorb and notice its nuances that you truly dig his satire, as well as its camouflaged pathos.

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  • Enough Said

    Enough Said


    Perfectly acted, and altogether quite bittersweet, Enough Said is a mature movie in the best conceivable way. These are two of my absolute favorite people to watch being paired up in the knick of time. It could've so easily never happened, but it did and the easy chemistry between them is all I hoped for it to be and more. In the brief room film offers, writer-director Nicole Holofcener, with a script as crisp and tight as they come, seizes…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    It's easy to initially sense a dearth of narrative content, but in fact, there is plenty of story, told almost entirely through production design, art direction and visual effects fine points. Everything you have to know about the plot and characters is strenuously and robustly detailed on screen. This isn't a film for people who want dialogue to drive the story, nor should we have gotten so used to expecting such a thing from such a movie. George Miller's action…