The Irishman ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Full disclosure I am a huge Scorcese fan.

I see some people are watching this as a mini-series, which unless you have 3 1/2 hours to burn is probably the smart route. I actually had 3 1/2 hours to burn so I got it in one sitting. Which if I am being honest was rough. The film is slow moving which is sort of expected with the run time, but it felt like it was crawling at points. However the story of The Irishman and the alleged relationship/involvement with Jimmy Hoffa and his ultimate demise was fascinating to say the least. It's a tremendous mob epic that hits some glaring pot holes, much like the roads of Jersey that is depicted here.

The de-aging tech is far from perfect, and the execution primarily on DeNiro's character was poorly managed and at times hilariously fumbled. I don't know what exactly happened but for most of the film DeNiro's eye's were bright PURPLE. Which is very distracting, to the point that I involuntarily yelled out, "What the fuck?!". Now lets go for the more egregious fouls used with this tech. If you're going to de-age an actor lets all agree to not do it by 30-40 years or more. While it passed very nicely by looks, it does not account for the actor himself. To see late 30s, early 40s DeNiro moving and talking like DeNiro in his 70s was ludicrous and downright insulting to the character and validity to the story. If you somehow didn't see this just check out the curb beating scene, he looks like a 80 year old trying to push a Boche Ball with his foot. That scene in particular made me pay all too much attention to his movements, mannerisms and over all speech for the rest of the film. It just became glaring and constantly took me out of the film.

On the other hand the Pesci de-aging was a perfect use of it. While again I'll say the tech itself is not perfect and can definitely tell its CGI enhanced, they wanted him to look significantly older than DeNiro and it worked, so that later in the film it doesn't look ridiculous. But lets stay with Pesci and throw in Pacino. These guys stole the movie and every scene they were in. Pesci commands your attention and yes Pacino tends to do his wide eyed over acting, but it fuckin works here. Without a doubt these two saved this from being a CGI catastrophe.