BlacKkKlansman ★★★

Of all movies of 2018, THIS one had to disappoint me?

I am very mixed on it - which is disappointing to say the least since I have been looking forward to Spike Lee's latest joint for a while now. Especially considering the fantastic reviews and great trailers as well as talent involved, my hype level going into this was very high (although I always have reservations for any film to be honest). It's definitely an important film to seek out for the worth of it's message as well as Lee's unique direction, but this oftentimes was kind of boring to be honest. For a story that is so fascinating, this movie drags out it's pacing so long and has one note characters that lack true development. The humor didn't really stick the landing for me, either. And honestly, this movie felt longer than it actually was (at least for me, that is...).

I would like to point out here though that this movie is not at fault for being unsubtle because this sure as hell needs a voice and based on recent events, our country is still not where it should be. Based on the great critical reception this thing is getting, I say check it out. Don't let my own inner conflict with this film detract you from watching it and most likely enjoying it like most people have. I wouldn't be mad at this for getting some Oscar nominations. But, I found it's approach to such a sadly relevant and crazy true story to be a bit subpar in spots that make this one of, if not, the most disappointing films for me personally so far in 2018. This film, especially with it's powerful ending and certain scenes throughout (example - Birth of a Nation) will (and already has) inspired important conversations which is really great. To many people, this film will move them - I just can't quite say the same based on my experience.

The better, "White Voice" movie of the year is Sorry to Bother You.

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