Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★

Update (8/17/19): Well, I love this movie now. I'll still leave this review up though, obviously

A movie that film bros with Pulp Fiction and Fight Club posters hung up on their dorm rooms will call anyone stupid for not liking. This film frustrated me to no end. There’s so much to love here (production design, cinematography, performances), but also so much that just felt sorely missing to me. The pacing felt nonexistent, and even in a movie like this that could be described as kind of “plotless,” there still should be a reason I should care about what is going on. And I never really felt that. In terms of it’s direction, it feels scattershot and aimless. Particularly in the second act. The ending didn’t feel to have any genuine payoff. And there’s some random narration thrown in whenever it’s convenient. And what bugs me about this movie is that there is sooo much I appreciate about it that feels like it would be in a much better movie. The scene with DiCaprio and the little girl is priceless. The production design and cinematography along with some awesome song choices place the audience perfectly in the time period. I loved any and all of the stuff involving the characters making movies and watching movies. The performances are stellar across the board. And yet, this film left me cold and frequently uninterested. And that’s coming from someone who has been looking forward to this film for months and months. I’ll just rewatch Inglorious Bastards, thank you very much.

Update: This film is growing on me a bit. Overall, I can say I enjoyed enough about it to say I liked it, but a re-watch is heavily needed.

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