Tenet ★★★

This was a super cool experience. In a way I was kind of expecting to be a little letdown based on some of the reviews but thankfully this was really enjoyable for me. It was nice to be back in the movie theater, and I was just relieved that there weren't many other people in the theater which made me feel a little bit safer. Anyways, I won't do a full review here (I'll wait to do that until I can think more on it and watch a bunch of ending explained videos of course), but I really did enjoy this film. I think other Nolan films (i.e Inception, Memento) have done a more effective job at tying the film's concept to a more emotionally complex narrative overall, which I don't think Tenet fully achieves (even though it does sort of try). This was pretty hard to understand for a lot of it, but a lot of the fun of watching this movie is trying to piece together the puzzle of the story. I was pretty engaged for most of it even when I had no clue what the fuck was going on. All the stuff with inverted time was so cool, creative, engaging, and I LOVE LOVED the score. Great stuff. The characters were a bit thin and played typical roles you would find in this 007-esque genre, but the actors were all pretty amazing and it honestly didn't bother me as much as I expected. And the film-making is top notch across the board here. It's not quite perfect, and I'm still hovering between a 7.5-8/10, but this was some cool shit and I dug it for the most part. Nolan went for this concept, and it does falter at points, but I'm really here for it because it feels like a unique and fresh twist on the genre!

In summary: if you're a Nolan fanboy, you will love this, if you criticize everything Nolan does, probably don't bother and don't expect this to change your mind on him as a film-maker.

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