Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★½

So yesterday, I finally got my driver's license after passing my road test in Patchogue for the second time. For 3 painful years, I was such a careless, opposing wimp where my lack of coordination and awareness has been hammering me down for as long as I can remember when I started driving. On the positive side of this year, 2017, I am now a professional defensive jockey to the point where I can safely travel to any destination I wish to go to whether it'll be school, work, or even the movies. My only fear though is to hopefully not collide into any of the driving stunt-devils from Fast Five.

I'm really getting off topic on this one! Sorry guys. Anyway, what to say about Fast Five? Well, this is quite possibly the most ridiculous, but crazy-ass, explosive entry in the entire franchise so far. Yes! It's probably the top king of adrenaline-pumping action in the Fast and Furious franchise along with Furious 7 as close second. Going more deeper into the movie, I did not expect something that Justin Lin was able to do with the fifth movie. It was the fact that he had an extra set of beefy guts to also add in sprinkles of heist elements along with the silly-ass moments into the mixture. Fast Five almost did not felt like an ordinary F&F movie to me. It felt like an engaging popcorn heist thriller. Have you ever tasted a pizza that has some silly toppings with the fresh tomato sauce and the delicious cheese, but you did not care about it and start indulging in heaven into that treat? Fast Five shared that same taste of that pizza.

I love Vin Diesel and The Rock in the best installment of this extremely popular franchise! Maybe, it's just me, but the epic fight between those two muscular beasts all felt like if I was watching two vicious lions brawling to the death in a blazing savanna. That is the clash of two wrestlers that will live on into the history books as the best fight scene in the franchise alone!

Also, I'm starting to realize that this franchise is starting to act as a comic book universe that does not exist within the Marvel or DC slate. Watching my two absolute favorites which were Paul Walker and Vin Diesel got me thinking, "Man, who would've thought that these two racing junkies would become invincible superheroes on their own terms?"

Grade: A-

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