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  • The Ides of March

    The Ides of March


    A good “Hollywood” drama with the star power of Clooney and Gosling (what a year he had!) and critical favorites Seymour Hoffman and Giamatti. What could go wrong? Happily not a great deal as the film does a pretty good job of delving into the political intrigue of a Democratic primary race and the corruption it breeds. It does feel a little contrived at times and wraps up its loose ends a little too neatly but on the whole it works rather well and walks the line of setting its action amongst political processes without involving too much partisan politicing. Enjoyable.

  • 50/50



    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hits a good balance of comedy and drama. Emotional without feeling too manipulative. You couldn’t say the role is really a stretch for Seth Rogen but he plays it very well and I found it to be his most affecting character. Likewise Joseph Gorden Levitt does a great job and it building an impressive filmography following successes like Brick, 500 Days of Summer, and Inception. I have seen some criticism of the films treatment of its female…