Barry Lyndon ★★★★★

All I can utter right now is just this word- WOWWWW!!!

The goddamn visuals, storyline,camera shots, picturization and in short everything in this film has firmed my belief of considering Kubrick a God to an another level...

It is one of the best works of Kubrick and I was quite shocked that it is not talked much like Kubrick's other films..It is such a beautiful gem that everyone should watch and fathom its beauty once..

I haven't decided the rank yet coz I want to think about it and its beauty for a while...For those who love cinema, should visit the journey of Barry Lyndon once in your life..

Trust me, you eyes will remain glued to the screen for whole time and will literally marvel about its goddamn beauty and character study of Redmond Barry who is a mirror of personality to a majority of people in this downtrodden 21st century!!!..😍😍

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