Annihilation ★★★★★

After a few minutes, every fan of the matter realizes why streaming giant netflix has bought this highly anticipated sci-fi heavyweight. And after the two hours, the brain is only rotating. In the most positive and stimulating way. "Annihilation" offers discussions for days.
In the pleasantly different sci-fi thriller you can find the DNA of some masterpieces of the genre from "2001" to "Contact" to "Solaris", without appearing to be a plagiarism for a minute. An "Annihilation" has never been seen before. After "Ex Machina", Garland once again shows his talent, which is no longer promising, but simply outstanding and groundbreaking. His vision is bold, the implementation is unique and the individual components are special in the best way. He has managed to incorporate a book that is considered to be non-filmable, to change it ideally and to do his own thing. Respect!
We follow a group of women into the shimmer, a rainbow-colored bubble that has formed after a meteorite impact and is slowly but surely spreading. So far, no data, explorers or soldiers have come out. And in the mysterious bubble, the team can expect the most wonderful nightmares and the worst wonders this world has ever seen ... "Annihilation" keeps you awake. Not just during the runtime, but especially now, hours after. Theories swirl, thoughts roll over, the film gains shape, color and texture. It becomes noticeably more massive and wider every minute. A real cell eater that you would like to see again right away.
Audiovisually, the journey into the interior of the oily prism bubble is a stunner. There is something to hear, see, discover, marvel, disgust at every corner. From the most violent body horror to effective creature terror, the exploration trip is also worth remembering in the scary area. In addition, the ladies play intensely and the last 20 minutes roll over with sheer theories and WTF?! - moments. Some may even go too far. For my part, I can't remind myself of three Netflix exclusives that are better. "Annihilation" is an infectious cancer, a surreal pleasure, a brainbug with hooks. You even forgive some slightly bad computer effects, because everything is possible and believable in the shimmer. I haven't had nightmares from a sci-fi film for a long time - here I definitely don't rule it out.
If you take a closer look at the matter, let everything act on you, move in and change your thoughts, Alex Garland's wonderfully antimainstream challenge can become much more, mutate into an intense, awakening milestone that can be discussed and philosophized for years to come . Multi-layered and head-blowing. A hammer!

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