Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★

Steven Spielberg, who perfected the blockbuster film with "Jaws", sent the archaeologist with his floppy hat and whip into filmic adventure for the first time in 1981 together with his friend George Lucas. Since then, "Indiana Jones", strengthened by several sequels, has been one of the best-known cinema characters.
The story in which Spielberg and Lucas process various adventure and western series from their childhood is neither profound nor historically correct, but is still a lot of fun today: archeology professor and adventurer Henry "Indiana" Jones jr., who must find the lost Ark before the Nazis do it.
The plot is as thin as that of a penny novel, and that's exactly what the makers allude to. Historical data, figure development or plausibility are gently swept under the carpet or stretched as far as is conducive to history.
Spielberg already sets the tone with the iconic opening scene, in which he sends Indy in South America against spiders, traps and natives, so that there is not a moment of boredom. And it is the same with the rest of the film. Spielberg keeps the pace high all the time, so that the tension and interest are never lost. This is also combined with many ironic dialogues and dry sayings that consolidate the figure of the Indy as an action hero.
Harrison Ford is the best hero cast you can imagine. He applies the role as ironically as that of Han Solo and always brings so much charm to the production that he is superior to everything.
The action inserts in "Indiana Jones" are among the best of the 80s, as is the set design (apart from a few anachronisms) and the special effects for which the film received two of the four Oscars at the time.
Adventure, desert hero, comic for adults, legend - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is pure kinetics, screen exhaustion, cinema like a roller coaster ride on the moon. Spielberg never got better in action mode. And Harrison Ford definitely an immortal icon.

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