Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★½

In terms of story, the late sequel hardly delivers any innovations. During a road trip, stations are searched in chapters, while charming peculiarities, such as showing the rules and the "Zombie Kill of the Year" section, provide variety.
The T-800s, the almost indestructible zombies, did not getting enough Story.
For me, ZOMBIELAND 2 is just too cuddly Feelgood-Klamauk with only occasional interruptions by the undead. There was so much more in gore and story technology than the cheeky and lively start in the White House suggests.
The fun factor is still there, but something iconic is in vain, especially since a Bill Murray who has been pushed behind can no longer do much. Thanks to the brisk flow of stories and the great interplay of the consistently convincing mimes, a brainless entertainment in line with the genre, but not as refreshingly as the debut at the time.

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