Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

Holy shit.

I want to start off by saying I was completely enthralled and more emotionally invested in this film than I ever thought I would be, all these fake critic reviews can go to hell.

My 4.5 star rating is more of an enjoyment rating, but if I were to be more critical, it'd lean more towards 4/5.

Anyways, Batman v Superman is a very different superhero film.
It's a Zack Snyder film.
One of my friends said this plays out in a more orchestral pattern with many Greek/Roman allusions, and I agree with that statement.
It's heavily used and the story definitely slower, however a lot of things are thrown at you that move by quickly.
This pace mix is something hard to get by.
Another thing I didn't really like was the Justice League shit thrown in.
That could've been saved for later and really felt unnecessary at the time being.
Some of the acting and dialogue was a little weak at parts, but it's made up at others.

I loved everything else.
The cinematography and visuals look so fucking beautiful for a film like this.
The score by Zimmer and XL made my ears cum in the theater.
All the characters were given enough buildup I thought, and there will be more in the Director's Cut that goes beyond fair.
Eisenberg's Luthor was a cool, and fucked up villian that I didn't have any problems with.
(Cherry Jolly Rancher)
(Granny's peach tea)

This film was highly mis-advertised on the other hand.
Batman and Superman only fight for a few minutes, and it did seem a little disappointing, but the conflict is a 'v' and stands for something quite different than a fight night.

There's a lot of symbolism in the film; the horses' gallop, the red capes are coming.

My favorite part of the film was this really surreal bit during a dream sequence. Batman fighting at the desert or whatever the fuck that was, confronting his fears as his past demons fly above him, music playing. Fantastic scene.

This film has some great direction.

The final action sequence was insane.
Some of the most epic action finales to any superhero movie, and holy shit was the outcome powerful.
All tuned to the bombastic score.

The ending was either inspired or touched on by Nolan.
It definitely felt like an Inception meets TDKRises ending.

Overall I loved this film, despite some pacing, story, dialogue, etc issues - it really is a great film in so many ways.

I wish all my dreams were in Snyder visuals.


Fuck you and your fun, "critics"

ALSO, I forgot to mention - Affleck killed it as Batman.
He was menacing, intimidating, believable, and REAL FUCKING MEAN as Bruce Wayne/Batman.
People are going to ask me if he's better than Bale, and I'm going to say No.
They're two completely different universe characters, and Bale's Bruce Wayne/"Batman" has inspired me and resonated with me in so many ways.

- I can't fucking wait to see BvS again, there's so much to take in.
The film really is a 'beautiful mess' and I love it.

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