BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

Other than the blatantly and unfulfillingly tacked on final couple minutes of media footage that tries equating Donald Trump to a racist, KKK endorsing, white supremacist, which is something that the film makes several allusions to during the runtime despite that being so far from the truth for anyone who's capable of doing a ounce fuck of research or thinking; it's a pretty decent movie.

The editing was pretty bland to be honest, but I thought Lee handled the story very well, and really nailed the simplicity and believability of the setting into not only making it feel seamless and consistent, but really riling up the racial tensions and emotions throughout all the slurs and hate spewed out of characters.
He really draws a parallel between both sides at times in terms of the fallacious mindest that power and prosperity only belongs one race.
And again, the way he mixes hard hitting moments and hilarious moments is seamless.

I really enjoyed it in spite of its cop-out obvious ending.
I really wish it came full close instead of using itself as an excuse to incohesively cut to selectively edited clips and create false dichotomies, but whatever.

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