Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

I really didn't appreciate this as much as I should have the first time around.
I was a bit hesitant with Mr. Safdie when I saw this in theaters, because I had a very strong reaction to his other film, Heaven Knows What.
That film really pissed me off in a certain way and made me say some things that didn't really represent my actual feelings towards the film itself and my view of its content and themes, but honestly, even if I wasn't a fan of that film or its characters, or its entire message, for it to elicit such a strong response from me is saying enough.
Anyways, back to Good Time.
This film is a fucking nightmare, and it feels like the best student film ever made.
I picked up a lot more on certain techniques they used and the overall filmmaking approach, which I compliment a lot.
Especially the sound mixing and editing. It's fucking insane.

The gutting realism this film induces is unlike any other I've seen, and its characters are just as haphazard as its environment, and it all comes together.
I personally don't think Connie is a bad person.
He takes advantage of people and creates chaos and pain to those he gets involved with and uses, just to save himself, but there are qualities about him that make him more of an anti-hero to sort of root for.
It's hard to explain, but the film certainly does a good job of making us care for him.
From all the claustrophobic lenses and angles to the unrelenting score and suspense, we still see a sense of altruistic calmness and intelligence; even some sympathy and regret.
Robert Pattinson plays these so well, and I know The Academy ignores films like these, but still, shame on them for not recognizing him.

Good Time is one of the most one-of-a-kind films I've seen in awhile.
It takes a lot of inspiration from other movies, and really brings that 70s crime thriller tone and feeling back to life, but with its own style.

And my god, that last scene that rolled into the credits made me feel as stuck and unvalued as Nick... after everything I just experienced.
Such imposing filmmaking and storytelling.

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