Take Me Out

Take Me Out ★★★★★


I hope everyone has been having a fantastic holiday time.
As promised, here is the full, long-awaited delivery of my film that I have devoted a good chunk of the last two years of my life to (from it conception through festival submissions, screenings, and up until now).

The film deals with Bruce, his affliction of severe depression and how it destroys his sense of self, his connection with the outside world, and his inability to escape the prison this illness has created inside his mind.

It is based on what I'd call 'phases' of my and Brian's life, and we wanted to be as real as possible in depicting them, even if it meant portraying some of the darkest and most negative and self-destructive places we've gotten to.

However, the majority of these 'phases' are in the past now, and I can confidently say it doesn't entirely embody where I am anymore.

And despite reaching this level, I did want to leave the story on a sense of optimistic ambiguity, so I promise it's not a complete downer.
One of the main points of the story is the process of moving forward.

I hope you all can enjoy, relate, or find some sense of connection or understanding in my film, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as this decade comes to a close.

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