The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs ★★★★½

This film gets so much better when you watch it again as a filmmaker.

There's a lot more in the way this film was shot that brings us a lot deeper, and closer to the underlying nature of the film, Miss Starling, and the side characters around her themselves.

It really sucks you in, pushes you out, and then grabs you again.

While I do still think some plot elements are ridiculous and Hannibal Lecter himself is a bit over/under-written at times, Hopkins performance is still fucking chilling.
Do I even need to explain that?

Honestly though, It's really unique how a film like this won the Big 5.
It is a great film, but it really isn't anything outstanding, if that makes sense.
It's just very precise and focused.

Would you fuck me?

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